10 Tips For a Healthy, Happy & Thankful Thanksgiving

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1.  Be Active.  Go for a run or take a walk in the morning before the chaos of the day.  Take advantage of a day off and find 30 minutes to take care of yourself.  It is a great time to reflect on what you are thankful for this year.  Toss the football during halftime or go for an after dinner walk to stay active during the day.  For folks in Denver, jump start your day by participating in the 40th annual Turkey Trot, a 4-mile race in Washington Park complete with post-race yoga and a beer garden. It is a fun, family-friendly event that Forbes’ ranks as one of the top ten Thanksgiving events in the country! For more info go to http://www.unitedwaydenver.org/site/c.6oJHLSPtFgJWG/b.8281459/k.1827/40th_Annual_Turkey_Trot.htm.

2.  Dress Up.  Wear something nice to dinner and look your best.  Form fitting clothes give you more feedback as to when you are full and satisfied.

3.  Snack Healthy.   Skip the unhealthy snacks and save room for the main event.  Eat a healthy breakfast and if you are hungry before the meal snack on mixed nuts, raw veggies or fruit.

4. Give Thanks.  Before your meal, or in private, tell your loved ones what you are thankful for this year.  Appreciate all that you have.

5.  Lighten Up.  If you are the main cook, choose lighter recipes and go light on butter whenever possible. If you are a guest, bring a healthy recipe to share or chose wisely and go light with white turkey meat, plain or roasted vegetables, roasted sweet potatoes, defatted gravy, and pumpkin pie.

6.  Prioritize Your Plate.  Love stuffing but could do without candied yams?  Pick and chose wisely.  Indulge in what you really want to have, but not everything that is available.  Choose your holiday favorites and skip foods you eat regularly.

7.  Just a Little Bit. Make a small plate with a little bit of everything you want to try.  Smaller portions will let you savor everything you want.  Tell yourself you can always go back for more.  But, before making your second plate, ask yourself if you are still hungry? Or would you prefer to wait for dessert.

8.  Clean your Plate.  Literally.  When you are finished wash your plate.  Do not sit with it in front of you to tempt you to go back for more.  Help with the dishes is always appreciated.

9.  Focus on family and friends.  A happy holiday is spent with loved ones.  Focus on your relationships.  Reach out to friends and family who are near and far.

10.  Skip the Leftovers.  Indulging for one day is not going to affect your waistline.  But a full week of turkey, stuffing and pie may leave you feeling a little heavier.  Indulge on Thanksgiving and give away the leftovers.  Attempt to make only a few extra servings, not enough to sustain your family for another week or two.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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