The Twelve Days of A (Healthy) Christmas

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And also some of most crazy and busy days of the year! With shorter days and longer to-do lists, we can often let our our health and fitness slack for a few weeks.   By staying active in the days leading up to Christmas & New Years, you can help fight stress and tension, and enjoy some of the best parts of the merry & bright season.  Follow our Twelve Days of Christmas Guide to keep you body moving and to make to the most out of holidays.

Remember to nourish your body with healthy foods, move your body whenever you can, laugh often, and count your blessings for all your loved ones.


One-Dec 14th Get in the holiday spirit, spend your Sunday afternoon ice skating…find an indoor or outdoor rink in your area and truly feel like a kid again.

Two- Dec 15 th   Take an hour long walk or jog in your neighborhood and check out the holiday decorations.

Three- Dec 16 th Finish up your last minute Christmas shopping early & donate any old clothes or toys to your local charity.

Four- Dec 17th Put on some classic holiday music and dance around for an hour…It’s hard to laugh and smile when dancing to holiday tunes.

Five- Dec 18 th Go for an hour long walk or jog and then put on some cozy pajamas and curl up by the fire.

Six- Dec 19 th Start your weekend with a morning or afternoon hour-long gym workout, group fitness class or pop in a fitness DVD/stream a workout at home.

Seven- Dec 20 th Go to a yoga or Pilates class…then run any last minute errands you need to before Christmas week begins.

Eight- Dec 21st Make the most of the holiday weekend in your area or wherever you may be spending the holidays…spend your Saturday outside hiking, exploring the city’s streets, playing in the snow, skiing or walking on the beach.  Enjoy the winter fresh air and be thankful.

Nine- Dec 22nd Start off your holiday week off with a solid workout, spend a good hour at the gym, Pilates or yoga class or running outdoors.

Ten- Dec 23rd Don’t fight the crowds, sneak in some indoor cardio by spending an hour cleaning your house.   A clean home will not only be guest-ready but a calming sanctuary to wake up to amidst the holiday craze.

Eleven-Dec 24th Take a rest day on Christmas Eve & find some time to yourself to count your blessing.  Soak in the tub, take a walk, write in a journal or meditate.

Twelve- Dec 25th Merry Christmas! After you open gifts go outside and play for a bit! Chase the kiddos, play in the snow, or toss the football with friends. Enjoy the fresh air on this joyous day!

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