5 Habits to Steal from Your Healthiest Friends

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Do you wish you could eat whatever you wanted and still look amazing? The truth is that simply does not happen.  Even those who are exceptionally genetically blessed work at staying healthy. World-famous supermodel, Giselle, is reportedly so dedicated to her fitness routine that she does hours of martial arts…even on Thanksgiving and New Year’s days.   It takes work to be healthy.  No one gets a free ride.

The point is not to look like a model or celebrity, who let’s face it, have an unfair leg up on the rest of us, with personal chefs, personal trainers, and stylists.  The goal is to feel good and stay healthy for a lifetime.  Simple changes in how you eat today can make a big difference in how healthy you appear, how good you feel, and how gracefully you will age in the future.

Here are 5 simple habits of healthy people to adopt today to keep you healthy tomorrow…

Eat Mindfully

What is mindful eating? Eating mindfully is being aware and savoring each and every bite. No chowing down in from of the TV, in the car, on the street, while in front of the computer or anywhere else where you are distracted.   Think of dining like the French at each meal, experiencing the full satisfaction and experiencing each flavor.  You will have a more pleasurable experience and save calories.   Also, by eating mindfully you are more aware of the pleasure of food and when something is just so-so.  If you are full or your meal is not out of this world, call it quits.

Dressing on the Side, Please

Order each meal politely and just as you like it.  Dressing on the side, sauce on the side, fruit instead of breakfast potatoes, salad in place of French fries, hold the cheese, please.  At Chipotle, the salad dressing is 250 calories and the cheese is 100 calories per serving.  Think about omitting one, both or getting them on the side and only using as much as you need.  A good rule when dining out is to think of one substitution you could make to each meal in order to make it better for you and then order away.   Most servers are very experienced with picky eaters and will be happy to comply with your wishes.

Does an Apple Sound Good?

Do you suddenly feel starving when you see a slice of pizza?  Before, you buy that slice, stop and ask yourself if you could substitute an apple in place of the pizza…. would you still be hungry for the apple? If the answer is yes, you are most likely truly hungry.  If an apple sounds unappetizing, you probably are not actually hungry but possibly bored, tired, moody, or in need of a pick me up.  Use the apple factor as a gauge for your true hunger. If you are not hungry, then wait a little while or distract yourself by taking a walk or calling a friend.  If you do feel like an apple, then make a healthier choice than the pizza; everything tastes good when you are in need of nourishment.

Have It Later

You want a piece of bread from the basket the server just placed in front of you, the dessert menu sounds to die for delicious, you really want a second helping…you can have it all…tomorrowTell yourself you that you can have whatever is tempting you in the future and cravings often disappear.  A breadbasket will probably tempt you later this very week.   Even the most delectable dessert is probably not the last of its kind you will see.  By telling our brains we will have it at a later date instead of never we in some way satisfy the very craving.  Denial is the basis of many diets and the reason most diets fail.  Dieters feel deprived and thus are even more sensitive to urges.  Delayed gratification, on the other hand, allows you to anticipate the  future pleasure.  You know at any time you can have whatever you want.  You are empowered and in control.

If You Over-indulge, Don’t Throw Away Your Day

We all over overindulge from time to time, at birthdays, at weddings, on Super bowel Sunday, on a random Tuesday afternoon when an ice cream craving goes a little overboard.   Healthy individuals view overindulges as a minor deviation in their normal routine with perhaps a stomachache as a result.  There is no guilt or personal value associated with the behavior.  Overindulging is never, ever an opportunity to go hog wild and eat whatever you want from that point moving forward in the day.  I frequently hear people say things along the lines of, “Well I should never have had those donuts for breakfast, my day is a wash, I’m having going to the Chinese buffet for lunch. Who’s in? ”   Having donuts for breakfast is not the best way to jump-start your day or provide your body nutrients but is also not a personal failure or an excuse to make poor choices throughout the rest of the day.  Instead, a rich meal should be countered by a balanced healthy meal to get you back on track and feeling good.  Each meal is an opportunity to eat well and provide your body with the healthy energy it needs.

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