A New Way to Think About New Year Resolutions

0 Posted by - January 13, 2015 - WELLNESS

As we reflect on the past year and look forward to the coming year ahead, it is a perfect opportunity to set new goals.    Many of us make resolutions and stick with them for a bit but then either fail or lose motivation.  As we begin 2015, forget trying to improve in an area that you want to work on and focus on your strengths.  Think of one thing you know you are good at and resolve to get even better at it this year.

Now make your resolution your reality by saying “I will…”.  Replace “I want”, “I wish”, “I should “or “I hope” and make your resolution an action statement.  Write down your resolution and a simple and realistic plan that will help you improve on your strength.

Every four months, write up your resolution quarterly report. Jot down on paper your resolution and assess your progress.   Think about how you could improve upon it or change your plan to meet your mark.  Goal setting triggers your subconscious and as the saying goes “out of site, out of mind.”

The world moves as such as rapid pace, don’t let time pass you by…get started today!


Have a happy & healthy New Year!

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