Our mission is to educate, inspire & support the creation of healthy lifestyles using evidence-based practices. Living well today and for tomorrow!

The founder and owner of Well+True, MD, Lauren Dickerson, MD,  is a board-certified internal medicine physician, certified health coach and Pilates instructor who has had a lifelong passion for wellness.  At Well+True, MD the emphasis is on results-driven goal-setting, ongoing support, and education to provide clients the tools to optimize their health. Many factors affect health, including exercise, diet, environment and social networks.   By adopting and sustaining lifelong nutrition, regular physical activity, stress relief and active risk reduction you can improve your quality of life and help prevent disease.  The goal of Well+True, MD is to be an additional option for clients along with their regular healthcare providers to enhance their health and wellness.

Well+True, MD is based in the Washington Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado and offers Wellness Consults, Health Coaching & Private Pilates sessions.