Lauren Dickerson, MD


The founder & owner of Well+True, MD, Lauren Dickerson, is a physician, health coach & Pilates instructor with a passion for wellness.   Lauren is dedicated to using her medical & health knowledge to help her clients live their happiest & healthiest lives.  Lauren developed her passion for health and wellness at a young age, with an innate curiosity about science & anatomy driving her to study Molecular Biology at Colgate University and to then go on to obtain her Medical Degree from the University of Vermont.

While completing her residency training at Scripps Green in San Diego & practicing as a Hospitalist in Denver, Lauren found herself wanting something more…to get ahead of & in front of the diseases that were afflicting so many of her patients and Americans today.  Preventative medicine works and saves lives but it is not effortless, it requires a dedicated, conscious effort to adopt and live a healthy lifestyle year in and year out. And for most of us that takes some planning, assistance & support to fully realize.   Well+True, MD is not an alternative to traditional medicine; it is an additional way to make healthcare and wellness more personal, accessible and sustainable.

Lauren practices what she preaches.  She believes whole-heartedly in eating a whole, nutritious diet, practicing routine stress relief, maintaining a mind-body connection, developing a strong support system & engaging in a daily active lifestyle.  Most days you can find Lauren practicing & teaching Pilates, running, biking, hiking, swimming, or skiing in the Colorado winters.

With the landscape of healthcare in the US changing & more of a focus on wellness emerging, many of us are becoming more & more confused about who to listen to & what research is valid.  At Well+True, MD the emphasis is not on the latest health fad or craze, but to help clients navigate through all of the noise and to find the best personal path to wellness that is sustainable for their lives.