Our Mission


Our mission is to educate, inspire & support the creation of healthy lifestyles using evidence-based practices.

Living well today and for tomorrow. Join us!

Well+True, MD focuses on results-driven goal-setting, support, and education in order to provide clients with the tools to optimize their health and meet their personal health goals. Offering a range of Wellness services from Wellness for Longevity, Weight Loss Remedy, Retail Therapy, Kitchen Raids & Private Pilates sessions, Well+True, MD strives to be a “One-Stop Wellness Shop” addressing all facets of their clients health and wellness needs.  The goal of Well+True, MD is to be an additional resource for clients along with their regular healthcare providers to help with the prevention of chronic diseases. By providing ongoing support and additional resources, clients can achieve health goals that have been previously out of their reach.

The owner & founder, Lauren Dickerson, MD, is an physician, health coach and Pilates instructor who has had a lifelong passion for wellness.   Lauren uses her diverse experience as a board-certified Internal Medicine physician, certified Chronic Condition Health Coach, member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and Pilates instructor to offer clients a unique perspective to health and wellness.   Well+True, MD also strives to be a positive influence in the Denver Community, hosting a variety of events. Come join us!