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“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” -Oprah

We are all individuals working towards on our own personal goals for health, wellness and happiness.  As we embark on our personal journeys, the support of a like-minded community can help support us along the way.   Being a part of an encouraging and kind community is a tremendous asset when striving to achieve your goals.  Many of us have been trying for months, years or even decades to achieve and sustain the optimal healthy lifestyle.  A supportive and motivational environment can be the missing link to success.  Here in Denver, we are blessed to live in one of the healthiest environments in the nation amongst fellow residents who value their health and fitness and with the beauty of nature all around us.   Finding encouragement to eat well, exercise regularly and make your health a priority is easier here in Colorado and a certainty at Well+True, MD.   A community that provides you support can also also allow you to help and support others and share your challenges and successes along the way.   Success is that much sweeter when shared and celebrated!

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Well+True, MD Community Events

Weekly Pilates at One Pilates Studio in Cherry Creek: Group Reformer Classes Mon & Thurs 4:30 & 5;30pm ; Wed Cardiolates 6:30pm, Private sessions by appointment.



May 2014 Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge  by LiveWell

get moving

February 2014 Women & Heart Disease: Don’t Miss A Beat- Brown Bag Lunch at Thrive


November 2013 Holiday Party at Thrive Hosted by Well+True, MD & KW Commercial