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Exercise is not one size fits all.  Just as we all have different taste in music, movies, cuisine and clothing, there is a type of exercise that is more compatible with our personality and lifestyle.   A good work out does not need to be painful.  You should get your heart rate up and hopefully get a good boost of endorphins but you do not need to push yourself to full-on panting, sweating-dripping, limit’s edge…unless of course that is what you enjoy! So take the short quiz below to get a better idea of what kind of exercise style best fits you!

1) Your friends describe you as….

1)   Goal oriented, ambitious, type A.

2)   Outgoing, friendly, a social butterfly.

3)   Independent, imaginative, laidback.

4)   Always on the go, energetic, dependable.

5)   Athletic, competitive, determined.


2) Your dream vacation would be….

1)   Taking a cooking class in Italy…enjoying good food and wine while mastering a new skill.

2)   Renting a ski house with friends or with your extended family…the more the merrier.

3)   A secluded beach in Bali…total peace.

4)   A week in the Caribbean, laying on the beach with a pina colada.

5)   Hiking Manchu Picchu or climbing Everest, they are both on your bucket list.


When you get home from work what do you typically feel like doing…

1)   Relaxing in front of the TV, surfing the net, pinning your dream board.

2)   Grabbing a cocktail with friends at happy hour.

3)   Reflecting quietly on your day, journaling, listening to music.

4)   Going to a movie or concert.

5)   Hit the gym for your usual workout or jogging in your neighborhood.


What did you like best about gym class in high school?

1)   Anytime you got to skip it and spend time studying or hanging out with friends instead of doing something athletic.

2)   Volleyball games with all of your friends.

3)   Running laps independently when the weather was nice, it was a nice break in the day.

4)   Capture the flag and ultimate Frisbee games when you could have a good time with your friends and no one really kept score.

5)   Intense soccer games that got you warmed up for your afternoon soccer practice.


What is your main exercise goal?

1)   To see results.  You want to meet the goals that you set for yourself.  You are busy and do not want to waste time.

2)   To have a good time and get in better shape at the same time.

3)   To relax and to develop a deeper mind body connection while staying healthy.

4)   To have fun, if you get in better shape that would be nice too.

5)   To reach your peak athletic performance.


Mostly 1’s:  Perfectionist

You are results driven and enjoy mastering new skills. You are successful in your career and personal life but do not always prioritize working out.

-Challenge your self by setting personal fitness goals (not weight loss goals) and track your progress.  Buy a heart rate monitor or download MapMyRun (or similar apps) and push yourself to walk or run either longer or faster each week. Track your progress on a fitness calendar.  Mark off every day you reach your goals with an “X” and see how many days in a month you are on track.   Compare each month’s progress and reward yourself when you reach your goals,

-Pencil it in.  You make time for business and personal meetings. Schedule your workouts in the same way.  Sign up for group classes at a yoga studio or gym and make a commitment to making them.  Once you start going it will become part of your routine.

-Make a commitment and put your wallet behind it.  Work with a personal trainer or private pilates instructor.  A good trainer or instructor will make the sessions enjoyable and doable.  You will see results and if you miss a session your checking account will be sure to remind you.


Mostly 2’s: Team Player

You are social and competitive but enjoy being with friends to keep you motivated.  Team sports and group activities are the best match for your personality because others help you reach your goals.

-Work out with a friend or join a gym and meet new friends.

-Join a tennis league or group class like boot camp where you can socialize after the matches or workouts.  Seeing friends each week will motivate you to look forward to your workouts.  In Denver,  check out the Gates Tennis Center Socials, drop into the Underground at Pura Vida for an intense workout or check out a group pilates class at pH7 pilates or ONE pilates studio.


Mostly 3’s: Holistic

You are independent and non-competitive.  Working out to you is part of your overall wellbeing and deepening your mind-body connection.

-Yoga is an awesome way for you to develop your mind-body connection and work on strength and flexibly.

-Pilates is a excellent complement to yoga.  Improves core strength and body awareness.

-Hiking is a great way to connect with nature, quiet the mind and get a great workout. There are numerous beautiful trails in Colorado for all abilities.


Mostly 4’s: Joy Seeker

You are social, noncompetitive and always up for a good time.  Workouts for you need to be fun in order for you to stay interested.  You tend to lack commitment in exercise routines, so finding an activity you truly enjoy is key to your success.

-Dance classes, from Zumba to hip hop to ballroom are a great way to workout and have a blast.

-Biking with friends or family in the neighborhood or on local trails is relaxing and can be a fun way to see new sites.  Spend Saturday exploring leisurely on your bike and discover new parks, neighborhoods and paths.

-Skiing, hiking, yoga, hula-hooping…try it all, you never know what you may find yourself enjoying!

-Fit it in when you can.  You may not always have time for a full work out that you love so fit in mini workouts that will add up.  Remember that every little bit counts! Buy some free weights and a DVD or download a simple routine (10 to 15 minutes) that you can fit it between all your fun other activities.



Mostly 5’s: Tour de Force

You are independent and competitive with yourself.  You are good at setting goals, pushing yourself and enjoy physical exertion.

_Take it up a level by joining a team.  Join a tennis league, cycling team, or running club and bring your skills to the group playing field.

-Get out of your comfort zone by signing up for a race you have never tried before and can train for…try a sprint triathlon, a marathon, or a competitive swim.

-Take it on the road…try something new on an adventure vacation.  Try white water rafting in the Grand Canyon, surfing in Costa Rica, or heli-skiing in Whistler.  Plan for your vacation by getting in great shape before you go!

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