What is a Health Coach?


Have you ever set a goal but not been able to see it through on your own?

Has your doctor recommended you make healthy changes but not offered the support you need to see it through?

Is there a part of your health that you would like help improving?

Working with a health coach can help you make healthy & long-lasting changes that fit into your routine by listening to your own inner wisdom.  A health coach can help you turn your goals into your reality!

Lauren’s Approach to Health Coaching…

As a physician and a health coach, I look at the bigger picture when it comes to health.  A healthy lifestyle means that all parts of your life are in sync and supporting your goals.

I approach each client as an individual with unique strengths, goals, experiences and challenges.  I do not believe in a “one-size fits all” approach to health or wellness.  You have been living in your body for your whole life and certainly know it best. As your health coach, my job is to support you in making healthy changes that can add benefit and joy to your life. 

Working together we will identify your personal goals and make a reasonable plan to allow you to achieve them.  We will explore aspects of your life that impact your health.  Some clients choose to focus only on one area, such as weight loss or nutrition, while others are looking for a comprehensive approach to fitness, sleep, stress, risk reduction and prevention strategies.  As we work together, you will develop a better sense of what healthy choices work best for you & your daily life. 

I enjoy working with a wide range of clients, from individuals working on losing weight to someone who is managing a new diagnosis and beginning to navigate the healthcare system to the healthy aging population who wishes to seek ways to maintain good mental & physical health for as long as possible. I work with clients to help provide them with the tools to create a happy and healthy life in a way that is fun & rewarding.