October is a Time For Change

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October is the perfect month for change.  Throughout childhood, the leaves falling and the first chill in the air signaled a time to embarked on new transitions.  The hunt for back to school clothes, the purchase of new books and pencils, entering new classrooms, meeting new teachers, and forming new friendships signaled the beginning of a new year.  It is ingrained in us to expect new experiences in the fall and to welcome them.  While New Year’s resolutions are often fraught with lingering holiday stress and past disappointments, fall is a seasons of change that has long been a part of our lives.  Fall is a season that evokes years of youthful new beginnings and it is a natural time to embark on new adventures and positive changes in our adult lives.

How exactly does change come about in our lives? Many of us have dreams, hopes or desires for our personal lives, our health, our families or our professional lives. Turning a dream into a realistic goal requires the motivation to make a change in our current lives.

Think of one goal you would like to achieve.   Identify one negative emotional feeling and one concern about making a change that are holding you back and causing resistance.  Now, think of a positive feeling about your goal and a concern about not pursuing your goal.   Writing down these thoughts can help you identify what is most meaningful to you and if you have more emotional resistance to change or more motivation to achieve your goal.   One of the most common barriers to achieving a goal is not identifying the emotional resistance that is urging you to stay in the same patterns. By identifying and releasing negative emotions you can push the balance away from resistance and towards the positive motivation that will keep you moving towards your goal.

Think of the fearless child you once were who embraced the start of fall with nervous jitters and the hope of endless possibilities.  Embrace your personal goal with the same enthusiasm now as the kids head back to school and by this holiday season you can reflect back on how far you have come and use the New Year to toast to your achievements!



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