Wellness Services


Wellness for Longevity

A comprehensive Wellness Plan exploring your health patterns, behaviors, medical & family history designed to modify your personal habits with the intent of preventing chronic conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and back pain through diet, exercise, stress reduction and social support.


Weight Loss Remedy

A program for short-term and sustainable weight loss, not a fad diet, detox or cleanse.  Not a meal system but a support system to help you make lasting changes and not be derailed by vacations, holidays or personal stress.

Holiday Rx

Thanksgiving to Easter is a time we gather together and celebrate, often with food and drinks and at the expense of our regular routine (particularly skipping the gym!).  Make a plan for the holiday season to feel your best all season long and not a pound heavier come spring.


Clean Up your Plate

Are you interested in eating cleaner? Have you veered off track? Or not sure what is a healthy choice? A clean eating program is a way to clean up your meals (without scarifying foods and restaurants you enjoy). Learn how to make the healthiest choice for your plate.


 Reset Your Sweet Tooth

Are you a suagr addict that would like to break the habit once & for all? Learn how to reset your sweat tooth by identifying and cutting out hidden sugars, eliminating candy and unhealthy trans fats & save your suagr calories for fruit, chocolate and healthy desserts.


Retail Therapy

Let’s go grocery shopping together!  We will discuss how to read nutrition labels most effectively, which products to choose for the best health benefits & bang for your buck. Learn the products to reach for and turn your grocery cart into a “clean machine”.


Kitchen Raids

Is your kitchen a trap where you find yourself reaching for treats & sweats you can not even remember buying? Do you have a spouse or children constantly bring home goodies to tempt you? Let’s clean out and restock your pantry to maximize health and minimize temptation. The more healthy and clean foods in your refrigerator and kitchen, the easier it is to make a healthy choice!