Why Love is Good for our Bodies & Souls

2 Posted by - February 13, 2015 - WELLNESS

Three of the most powerful words we can utter are I love you. By telling a child, friend, lover, parent or four-legged friend how you feel, the act of loving conjures up overwhelmingly positive emotions.   Love is part of the human experience.  There are love poems dating back to 4,000 years ago and there is evidence of romantic love in 150 societies.  Love connects us to one another.   Think of the giddiness, sleeplessness, and inability to get your new love off your mind when you first fall in love.  We know romantic love makes us feel good and has major effect on our minds and bodies.   Love has the same mood-boosting effects whether its between parents and children, longtime married couples or good friends.  Love is a powerful drug, sending feel-good hormones reeling through our system. We know stress has a negative impact on our bodies, so instead of de-stressing how about spending more time being affectionate & loving? 

The love hormone dopamine is the brain’s chemical that interprets how we feel pleasure.  Love, like cocaine, fires up our brain’s dopamine release.  The good news is that the both the intense falling in love period and long-term loving relationships activate dopamine and make us feel good.

When we are around those we love, the love hormone oxytocin is released.  Oxytocin lowers our stress hormones, improves our moods and increases our tolerance for pain.  Touching, hugging and being intimate with those we love boosts levels of oxytocin in our bodies.  It’s often called the bonding hormone because it is released during childbirth and breastfeeding and promotes bonding between a mother and child.  Higher levels of oxytocin have also been associated with happiness, well-being, trust, and being more charitable.  

There is emerging evidence suggesting that the more you love and activate your love-dopamine-oxytocin system, the faster it beings to kick in from acts of loving.  There may be some truth behind being addicted to love.

This Valentine’s Day celebrate all types of love.  Love is good for every body & all types of love bring big rewards.  Hug your friends & family, cuddle with your pets, or kiss your special someone.  Say out loud the words I love you.  It’s good for you!

Happy Love Day!!!!!


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